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Thank you for reading! I've set out a few suggestions per fandom, but I'm open to ODAO as long as you avoid my DNWs. I would cherish anything you write for me in any of these fandoms as long as you avoid these few things. Some of them I've more ideas for things I'd particularly like to see, but please don't take that as indicating a fandom preference!

I am AO3 as Nabielka.

- A/B/O verse
- Pregnancy
- D/s relationship dynamics
- BDSM in general
- Gender headcanons
- Making female characters really 'feminine’
- Positive depictions of slavery
- Detailed description of oral sex performed on a man
- Death of an elderly person
- Christmas / other holiday themed fic
- AUs where they’re in space/in the USA/modern AUs for these fandoms in general
- Holocaust allusions
- Rape jokes

I find it very difficult to get into second-person narratives, and also struggle with first person in English, so I would really prefer third person as the narrative voice.

- Politics
- Tropey temporary amnesia
- Time travel
- Court cases/other legal matters
- Pining
- In-universe future academia
- Muscles on women

I’m not sure about the extent to which it’s relevant here, but I remember it came up in ChocolateBox, so: I’d be perfectly happy to receive fic in Polish as well.

Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat (Damen & Theomedes, Damen & Kastor, Damen/Kastor, Damen/Jokaste/Kastor, Auguste & Laurent)

Damen clearly loved his father a lot, he’s a set of standards to follow, and they’ve never apparently disagreed on serious matters, and Theomedes wants to be well to see what Damen will accomplish. I’d be interested in something pre-canon for them, whether in a field where they might indeed have minor disagreements on policy, or just a general slice of life snippet. What Damen does actually accomplish, of course, is a close alliance with Vere, which he thinks no matter how he might try to explain, Theomedes would not understand. The horror of it: Veretian voices in his halls! His son besotted! Even Makedon of the sensible views about Vere won over! (I got a fic I really enjoyed based on this concept for this past yuletide, but I’m really into the concept!) Perhaps in an AU where Kastor has a slightly different plan and Theomedes is trapped somewhere/in a coma? In a time travel where they’re thrown back to the past and try to prevent the events of Marlas?

I don’t mind if Theomedes never shows up in person, I’d be happy enough to have Damen and Laurent talk about him, or Damen with some of the kyroi and his own memories.

Alternatively, I’d also be really interested in something about Damen and Kastor’s relationship pre-canon, especially something friendly on the surface but with undercurrents of resentment. I would be amused by something depicting Damen completely failing to pick up on Kastor’s complicated feelings towards him as in canon and just benignly continuing on his way while Kastor seethes in the background, whether you want to depict that as having also a sexual element or not. I’d be interested also in a triangular relation where part of the attraction of Jokaste for Kastor is that he is gaining her interest instead of Damen, that Damen too has been with her, and that darkly, this is a passion of his too, in a way. Or anything post-canon in an AU where Kastor doesn’t stick a sword in Damen, goes along with his proposition, and lives to resent and plot against him again.

I’d be very interested in what Auguste might think of (post)canon Laurent, and in Laurent’s residual guilt over his feelings and relationship with Damen. I don’t mind how they might be brought to meet: suddenly alive with no explanation/witchcraft/dream/… Otherwise, I’m rarely interested in reading about small children (largely because I get easily thrown out where the depiction of a child at a certain age jars greatly with the children I have known at those ages), but mentions of such younglings in memories would be enjoyable, and something close to Marlas-time would also please me. Likewise something where the Council (tried to have) Made Them Do It, where they have to simulate intercourse would also be interesting.

Il Gattopardo | The Leopard - Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (Concetta Corbera/Tancredi Falconeri/Angelica Sedàra, Concetta Corbera/Angelica Sedàra)

I’d love something about when Angelica comes to visit her friend, but really to hear news of Tancredi, or if, following the example of the men of the family, Concetta also gets to kiss Angelica on the announcement of the engagement where she is welcoming towards her, or, finding out about her and Tancredi’s kiss before his going away, to take his kiss off her mouth. I’d like some more exploration of Concetta’s character: her anger at Tancredi after the dinner and his tale, the feeling of disappointment with a person one loves, and the strong characters of her and her sisters leading to a fight for hegemony in the house (called Catherine the Great!, and that after having been for years under the almost tyranny of the Prince her father with only an unnoticed cold spark in her eyes) – what might their relations have looked like in the intervening years? since they see each other so often and Angelica refers to Concetta as having been Tancredi’s favoured cousin? Likewise something about Tancredi’s attempts at the banquet to split his attentions equally being continued, since Tassoni says the offending anecdote had been made up and relates Tancredi as having been appealing in her anger and to have thought of taking her in his arms.

Lymond Chronicles - Dorothy Dunnett (Francis Crawford & Richard Crawford, Francis Crawford/Richard Crawford)

I’d really like something set in the first book, where Richard’s misapprehensions about his brother make him pretty intense about him throughout, particularly in the duel or when he’s taking care of Lymond’s wound, and musing on how ‘these were the hands that Mariotta knew better than he did: this the mouth; this the marked body…’. I don’t mind the canonical tone or something shippier, with Richard acquainting himself with it further, falling into his hurt and anger over what he thinks had taken place with his wife, and how still he thinks nothing could have torn Francis from his blood because of their shared upbringing and how he had loved him once. I’d also be interested in something dwelling further on his reversal in finding out the truth from his earlier plans of capture (begging aloud to be killed!) to promising to help him out of the country, an AU where it does come to that perhaps?

Historical RPF (Jogaila & Vytautas & Kęstutis, Jogaila & Vytautas)

I really like the political and the family tension here, in particular I’d be interested in something covering those situations where one of them is forced to submit and pledge allegiance or otherwise put themselves under the control of another: Jogaila in 1381 to Kęstutis, he himself at the battle-that-wasn’t in 1382, Vytautas reconciling again and again with Jogaila or forced to do so to Skirgaila as well. And his anger and resentment over the loss of his territory, the fate of Kęstutis… I’m particularly interested in the civil war from 1380, with Jogaila’s heinous betrayal (/useful political manoeuvring). And a broader sense of the family conflicts: Algirdas and Kęstutis had deposed Jaunutis once in their turn, and so fate turns. I’d also be up for something including any of the other family members or Jadwiga!

Also, +100 points if you can get in a reference to some Karaim near Trakai having been bought over by Vytautas (alternatively, the story of the ‘magic’ horse owned by Vytautas)!

Die kleine Hexe | The Little Witch - Otfried Preussler (The Little Witch & Aunt Rumpumpel)

I’d really like a look at the relations of Rumpumpel/Rumbrumtrach/whatever your translation called her and the little witch, especially post-canon where the position of power is reversed, and the books and brooms of all the other witches burned. Does Rum- try in any way to conciliate herself to her niece, who now holds the power? What do their relations look like then? Likewise, throughout the book, when she is spying on her, is there any moment in which she contemplates the little witch’s actions and considers the general stand of the witch community? I’d also be interested in a further exploration of the rules and customs of the witches in this book: we know, for example, that they’re not to use magic on Fridays, and are to be malevolent, and to dance on Walpurgis Night, but what else do they do that goes beyond the standard cultural conception of witches in general?

The Tudors (TV) (Mary Tudor & Henry Tudor, Catherine of Aragon & Mary Tudor, Mary Tudor & Anne Boleyn, Mary Tudor/Anne Boleyn)

We have plenty of fix-it AUs for Anne, but what I’d really like to see is one for Mary. Something like wish fulfilment for what she dreamed of Henry ‘coming to his senses’, and acknowledging his previous marriage to Catherine after her death (following another accident?) or taking advantage of the good faith argument and restoring Mary to her previous position, as he could well have done, following precedent for papal annulments. Any short little scene from such an AU would please me very much, whether it’s with Mary & Henry following some semi-return to normal, or if Mary’s position is conceded, guilt and discomfort on her part at benefitting while her mother is still kept away, or with Mary & Anne adjusting to having now been thrown together, and both so distrustful of the other. I’d like it if Mary were to start to have doubts about it being due to Anne that she had been sent to Hadfield.

Other than that, I’d also really like to see some of the love between Mary and Catherine, maybe via the go-between of Chapuys, whose scenes with Mary were some of my favourites in the show (please no Mary/Chapuys), or through seeing Catherine’s influence on Mary.

For Mary/Anne, I’m not so interested in explicit sex, but I’d like something about Mary noticing an attraction to Anne and feeling guilty about it at the same time, because she’s her father’s ‘mistress’ and because of what had happened to her mother. I’d prefer for the focus not to be on sexuality guilt here – that is, I don’t mind some because of the context, but I’d rather the focus to be more on guilty attraction to this particular woman, rather than to women in general.
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