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Night on Fic Mountain 2017


Thank you for reading! I've set out a few suggestions per fandom, but I'm happy with ODAO as long as long as you avoid my DNW. Otherwise, I would be delighted with anything you write for me in any of these fandoms! For some of them I've been able to come up with more ideas for things I'd particularly like to see than others, but please don't take that as indicating a fandom preference!

I am on AO3 as Nabielka.

- A/B/O verse
- Pregnancy
- D/s relationship dynamics
- BDSM in general
- Gender headcanons
- Making female characters really 'feminine'
- Detailed description of oral sex performed on a man
- Christmas/other holiday themed fic
- AUs where they're in space/in the USA/modern AUs for historical fandoms
- Rape jokes
- depiction of living in the Communist bloc as grim unrelenting misery
- Nazis or Holocaust allusions

I find it very difficult to get into second-person narratives and also struggle with first person in English, so I would prefer third person as a narrative voice. 

- Politics
- Tropey temporary amnesia
- Time travel
- Pining
- Court cases/legal matters
- In-universe future academia
- Muscles on women

Il Gattopardo | The Leopard - Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa - (Relationship: Concetta Corbera/Angelica Sedàra)

I’d love something about the two of them either during the engagement or in the years between either of the later time skips. Perhaps when Angelica comes to visit her, but really to hear news of Tancredi, the friendship of their early teen years is rekindled, Concetta providing at least a limited passport into the aristocratic world Angelica wants. Or if, following the example of the men of the family, Concetta also gets to kiss Angelica to welcome her to the family on the announcement of the engagement, or if she finds out about her and Tancredi kissing before his going away, to take his kiss off her mouth in a relationship where Angelica’s attraction is in part that she now has Tancredi. Going off filmverse, where Angelica tells her it depends with whom one dances, I’d also enjoy something where Angelica tries to teach Concetta to enjoy dancing in a side room. In the intervening years, I would also be interested in something where Concetta is fighting for hegemony with her sisters in the house that has been left to them, and to what extent Angelica might have a limited role in that too, or too with something post-canon entirely.

16th Century RPF - (Relationship: Mary Tudor | Mary I of England & Zygmunt II August)

I’d be interested in something of their diplomatic relations: Mary’s great Catholicism, the Commonwealth’s more relaxed stance on the subject. A delegation was sent to Mary to complain about the treatment of some Polish Protestants in England, and one had been there in the 1540s also, and I’d happily read something about that, or, similarly, a number of persons took refuge in the Commonwealth from Mary’s reign – Catherine Willoughby for one – what diplomatic issues might that lead to in either court?

There was also a suggestion of marrying Mary off to Zygmunt August, which came to nothing because of the marriage to Barbara Radziwiłłówna and likely nothing would have come out of it even without that factor, but I’d be very interested in something about the negotiations of it or a snippet from an AU where this did happen.

18th Century RPF - (Relationship: Stanisław August Poniatowski & Franciszek Ksawery Branicki), (Relationship: Pavel Petrovich | Paul I of Russia & Tadeusz Kościuszko), Relationship: Anna Leopoldovna & Julia von Mendgen), Elizaveta Petrovna | Elizabeth of Russia)

I’d love a look at the relationship between Poniatowski and Branicki: from their friendship in the Petersburg days, with Branicki’s involvement with Stanisław’s affair with Catherine to all the political problems and Targowica. I’d really enjoy something political about them, or a meeting laden with the past. I’d also like something from Branicki’s ambassadorial time in Russia and how he comes to see the changing political situation.

I’d be really interested in something of the relations between Pawel and Kościuszko either during his imprisonment or after his release. Perhaps Pawel can visit even before Catherine dies, and express sympathies but also an inability to help? I’d be interested in reading of their November 1796 meeting, whether taking from Gagarin’s account or veering off wildly, or any subsequent events, the ‘death of the soul’ of swearing loyalty to Russia and achieving the freedom of the other Polish insurgents, perhaps some political discussions?

I’d like something about the planning of the coup, I love politics, and I would also enjoy something about Julia/Juliana’s influence/role in the court under Anna’s regency. I’d also enjoy something about Julia warning Anna of the threat of Elizaveta’s coup unsuccessfully, or else some other interaction with Piotr’s daughter – the conversation where Anna was convinced by her that she was not planning anything, or any other court interaction - whether with a sense of foreboding hanging over it or not.

BrzydUla - (Relationship: Ula Cieplak & Paulina Febo), (Relationship: Paulina Febo/Julia Sławińska), (Relationship: Ula Cieplak/Julia Sławińska)

I’d love a reluctant untrusting alliance between Paulina and Ula, for common interests in defence of the firm, where Paulina comes to appreciate that perhaps Ula is not that bad. Likewise I liked the scene with Paulina failing to recognise her after her make-over, and I’d enjoy a continuation of that a la identity porn. I liked Paulina’s semi-support of her after Marek’s manipulation comes out, that she doesn’t like her, but would never do something like that to her, and I’d like something in that vein too.

I really liked the sub-plot with Julia. I’d be interested in a further exploration of her relationships with Aleks and Paulina – the wistfulness and the guilt – and perhaps they can slowly come to feel more comfortable with each other again. In particular, I’d enjoy it if she came to feel something for Paulina too in the course of her work there too. Perhaps she can come back at some point post-canon? It’s such a low bar to set, with how unprofessional F&D is, but she was nice to Ula! I’d love to see them interacting again, now that Ula is the CEO.

Deutschland 83 - (Relationship: Yvonne Edel/Annett Schneider)

I’d love to read something further about the night Yvonne spends over at Annett’s (before she sees Martin’s photo and it all goes downhill). I enjoyed that scene in the show and I’d love for them to have a bit of a fling there. Something about them meeting again post-canon would also be enjoyable: whether Annett too gets drawn in to the security service work and meets Yvonne in the West, or during the reunification process even. Can they put Annett tying Yvonne up behind them?