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Thank you for reading! Please do not take the length of sections or number of prompts as indicating preferences. I would be delighted to receive fic in any of these fandoms, but there are some that I've been able to come up with more specific prompts than for others, and of course ODAO applies anyhow.

All my requests are for fic and for both Tricks & Treats. As it's come up in other exchanges, I would also be perfectly happy to receive fic in Polish.

I am on AO3 as Nabielka.

- A/B/O verse
- Pregnancy
- D/s relationship dynamics
- BDSM in general
- Gender headcanons
- Rape roleplay/'consensual non-con'/consent play
- Porn industry/prostitution
- Mommy/Daddy kink
- happiness in slavery
- Erasmus/Torveld for Captive Prince
- modern AUs for historical fandoms, other country AUs for modern fandoms (in particular, America!AU)
- Christmas as a setting
- characters going door-to-door trick or treating/guising

- Aşk ve Ceza | Love and Punishment (TV) - Çiçek Moran

Çiçek was my favourite, and I would honestly be happy with anything involving her. I liked the scene with her and her university friends (with whom she’s photographed) and I would enjoy something set at university when her friends are all living normal lives and enjoying freedoms that are closed off to poor Çiçek and how that might affect their friendships or their understanding of the material. I’d also love to see more of Çiçek at school and the staffroom/workplace politics involved. Shipping-wise, I’d love any femslash, especially if Ceyda goes for Çiçek rather than Pala! I’d also enjoy something with Nazan especially at a time when they still have mixed relations, or maybe with Yasemin. I’d also enjoy something around the time when she still believes the best of Yavuz, where maybe something makes her doubt but still does not convince, or else something contrasting how he had been as a child with how he later became.

Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat


Damen clearly loved his father a lot, he’s a set of standards to follow, and they’ve never apparently disagreed on serious matters, and Theomedes wants to be well to see what Damen will accomplish. What Damen does actually accomplish, of course, is a close alliance with Vere, which he thinks no matter how he might try to explain, Theomedes would not understand. The horror of it: Veretian voices in his halls! His son besotted! Even Makedon of the sensible views about Vere won over! I’d love to see something about Theomedes meeting Laurent or else seeing the changes in Damen from pre-canon. Somehow – Theomedes comes back to life? Gets trapped as a ghost? Time travel? AU where he was just in a coma instead of dead?


I love fictional politics a lot. I enjoyed the bits in the book with Estienne trying to give Laurent advice – in KR when he comes with the herald to assure Laurent of his uncle’s good intentions and is anxious that he not side with Damen; in B1 when he talks of the alliance with Akielos not sitting easily with Laurent – and I would very much enjoy something further of this nature, with Estienne continuing to proffer bad advice (or maybe he strikes gold and it’s actually good), whether as gen or as an attempt to seduce Laurent. It would also be interesting to see some of the changes in the court post-canon and people trying to maintain their positions of influence and power.


I’d be really interested in something about Damen and Kastor’s relationship pre-canon, especially something friendly on the surface but with undercurrents of resentment. I would be amused by something depicting Damen completely failing to pick up on Kastor’s complicated feelings towards him and just benignly continuing on his way while Kastor seethes. If you want to go for an element of Damen/Kastor, I’d also be interested in Kastor greatly enjoying the thought of having Damen debased as a slave or even doing it to him himself. I would also enjoy an AU where in the fight in KR, Kastor doesn’t stick a sword through Damen and so is pardoned and so they all have to live with each other uncomfortably. Alternatively, I’d also like something about the pre-canon plotting with the Regent via Guion. Or in something of Kastor’s reign, like the factional disputes among the kyroi that Torveld mentions, and Nikandros’ suspicions deepening. I’d also enjoy something with Kastor fake-commiserating with Nikandros about how sad it is that Damen’s no longer with them.

Veretian Council

I’d love something about the changes post-canon – how does the Veretian Council acclimatise to the beginning of Laurent’s reign? How do they try to hold on to power considering that they nearly sentenced him to death? How do opinions/strategies differ between people like Mathe, appointed by the Regent under Laurent’s absence, to Herode, who was more than once the most loyal one? What happens with court reforms, considering that these are people who seem actually pretty fine with CSA at best if not actively engaged in it? Alternatively, I’d also enjoy something about Laurent’s relations with the Council while the Regent is still around. Any Councilmember is fine, individually or in a group.


I was pretty disappointed with how Jokaste ended up being handled in the books, and greatly more so by the general absence of women in the CP world. With that in mind, I’d be very interested in some exploration of Jokaste’s experiences in a world that doesn’t provide many avenues for women’s power, and especially not in an overt sense, and how that affects her relationships with others, whether those in a greater position of power or in a lesser one than her. How does her pre-canon relationship with Damen work? Maybe after the end of the trilogy, Jokaste goes off to live amongst the Vaskians? I’d be interested in Jokaste/Kashel. Kashel could teach her to become a warrior or Jokaste could help Kashel with something she’d had previous experience in, like maybe treating an illness she’s been exposed to in the past, or to help in a Vaskian attack by providing local knowledge or serving as a decoy. I’d also be interested in Jokaste/Lykaios, but I’ve put that in the next bit.


My character specific DNW is that I don’t enjoy happiness-in-slavery tales. I’d appreciate a sense that Lykaios’ position is depriving her of choices and putting her under the control of others, and not a romantic/happy slave/master fic. I’d be interested in something dark and dubconny here, whether from Damen or someone else. Perhaps Kastor’s jealousy of Damen extends to wanting to control those who are in his power, with the dehumanising aspect that him touching Lykaios would be considered largely a violation against Damen than against her. I’d also be interested in something with Jokaste – something about Jokaste taking out resentment over the role she’s been put into: in Damen and Kastor’s lives, as a woman in Akielon society – on Lykaios (who’s in a worse one), or using Lykaios to feel in some way closer to Damen, whether with Damen granting Jokaste the use of his slaves or behind his back, with Lykaios fearing him finding out and yet not being in a position to refuse Jokaste, or with Jokaste being aware that Lykaios is going to die in the coup. I could also enjoy something with Lykaios being attracted to Jokaste and seeing her with Damen.

On a happier note, I would love a slave uprising that would set Lykaios at least temporarily free or if she were somehow to escape instead of having her throat slit at the beginning of the book. Maybe she can find some happiness and safety in Vask?

Historical RPF - Stanisław August Poniatowski

I’d love anything about Staś and his problems, honestly. I’d enjoy something sweet (or with a sense of foreboding) about his romance with Catherine, or him still full of hope about the glorious future he’s going to have and how they will work together to reform the Commonwealth. I’d also enjoy something about when it starts to go wrong, and he doubts her but still wants to believe the best, or you know, Partitions. I’d also enjoy his interactions with any of the ambassadors, or Branicki, or his cousin Adam, especially that silliness over the supposed poisoning plot. I would also welcome fic focusing on any of the other personages of the partition period, like Branicki at a ball in Russia when it comes upon him to feel regret over the nation’s fate. I like fiction about grand plans that don’t work well and also enjoy poor justifications.

Kordian - Słowacki - Mikołaj, Konstanty

I really liked the scene between them (almost as much as I did the planning to kill the Tsar) and I’d love something more about them. Perhaps something pre-canon around the death of Paul? The burial, the mixed emotions, the unspoken recriminations, and the grief that’s not fully pretend and not fully genuine. Paul as a ghost that’s haunting one or both of them! I’d also enjoy something more like in canon, with them throwing in each other’s faces their various wrongs and crimes committed. Mikołaj has the line about seeing Konstanty in every enemy, so something more about that? Some self-doubt about his involvement, some conversation that’s innocuous on the surface but still frought?

Lymond Chronicles - Dorothy Dunnett


I’d love a fix-it in which Khaireddin’s death can be avoided somehow. Perhaps the child pawns do not get put in Gabriel’s side, but one on each and the game ends more favourably? Or else Khourrem allows the move to be made without the killing. I’d enjoy a further scene in which Khaireddin does live to get to choose the next game to play with Lymond, and gets a little happiness in his life. I’d also be interested in more about the little time he spent with Francis (which Jerott interrupted) as something sad and bittersweet.

Graham Reid Malett

I’d love to see Gabriel get amnesia. He’s in the middle of an evil plot and suddenly he’s not too sure what’s going on, or why these people hate him. Less crackily, something about Gabriel being an awful person and making plans for Lymond would also be great, or a dark AU where things go wrong and Francis does end up under Gabriel’s power.

Richard Crawford

I loved the scenes between Richard and Francis in canon, and their intense complicated relationship. I’d enjoy something pre-canon about them – how did their relationship get to the state it’s in in GoK? I’d enjoy an AU with Richard showing up somewhere he doesn’t in canon, like turning up in Russia or the Ottoman Empire. If you’re that way inclined, I’d also be up for some Richard/Francis, especially set before Richard decides to help Francis in the first book or in Ringed Castle/Checkmate with Lymond’s burgeoning awareness of the complicated family history.



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