Oct. 6th, 2016

YT 2016

Oct. 6th, 2016 10:16 pm

Thank you for reading! I've set out a few suggestions per fandom, but I'm open to ODAO as long as you avoid my DNWs. I am AO3 as SlashMyDreams.

- D/s relationship dynamics
- A/B/O verse
- Pregnancy
- Christmas / other holiday themed fic

For the most part I prefer third person as a narrative voice. I tend to find it difficult to get into second-person narratives.

Il Gattopardo | The Leopard - Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa - Angelica Sedàra, Concetta Corbera

I’m interested in reading more about Concetta and Angelica. I would be very interested in seeing something shippy, but equally if you want to write something about them being good friends, I would be delighted with that too. My favourite part of the book was the last chapter, about the relics, when they are all older and have so many years of the past behind them and so seem to have grown closer together so that five days of separation are a long time.

I liked also the part about Angelica acquiring an undeserved reputation of being an art expert – I enjoy very much the ‘versions’ of a character that are built up through outside POVs. Similarly, I would enjoy a fic set earlier in the canon, when the two begin to spend more time together again once Tancredi develops an interest in Angelica and we are told that she comes around more often supposedly to see Concetta, or even in their earlier adolescence when Angelica was, as the Princess recalls, rather ugly and uncared-for and thirteen.

Partitions of Poland RPF - Any

I'd love a look at the changing interpersonal relationships here - perhaps something on Stanisław beginning to doubt Catherine as his hopes of reform are hindered. I would also love something warm and optimistic about them in that early time in St. Petersburg, whether you decide to play it straight or imbue it with an awareness of what follows, or something depicting Poniatowski longing for her following his departure.

I also find the relationship between him and Repnin interesting – of course with Russian interventions and the frustrations but at times also the co-operation in the sejm, but also with the personal angle: their personal affairs with Izabela Czartoryska, Repnin’s comments about Poniatowski’s dancing.

By all means feel free to focus on other characters/persons in this time period or any political events – one of the Confederations perhaps? I don’t mind unorthodox slants on historical events.

Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat - Damen, Laurent, Kallias

I’m very interested in future fic about the unification process and reconciling varying legal systems and taxes or differing cultural attitudes especially when neither can really be seen as ‘right’. Similarly I’d like to see something on the ‘common’ people – in particular about the situation in the disputed territories between the two countries and perhaps on how repressive the Akielon regime was at this time – we’re told, for example, that they enslaved members of the population, which was presumably much resented and perhaps even actively resisted. Presumably there might be some resistance to the unification process also and perhaps even more broadly to the general underlying principle of mostly arbitrary monarchical power (revolution? Republic!) I’d also like to read about the abolishment of slavery! – With the addendum that I feel uncomfortable with the attitudes of Erasmus and earlier Damen, and would prefer that the focus be on more critical views and less rosy attitudes - what happens to Kallias post-KR? Feel free to focus on the impact on others, with the exception that I do not ship Erasmus/Torveld and would therefore like the fic not to be about their relationship.

I would also love to read about one of the parents’ reactions to the Damen/Laurent marriage. Damen wonders towards the end of KG what Theomedes would have thought of Laurent, and at the Kingsmeet thinks that no matter how he might try to explain, Theomedes would not understand. I’m very interested in how this might play out! Certainly Theomedes would be horrified! Veretian voices in his halls! His son besotted! Even Makedon of the sensible views about Vere won over! Similarly what might Aleron make of Laurent and his love for Damen? Obviously I realise that canonically they’re dead, but AU in which Kastor poisons his father somewhat differently and so Theomedes spends the trilogy in a coma? Or in an AU in which they’re thrown back into the past and try to prevent the events of Marlas?

No need to include all the characters.



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