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Thank you for reading! I've set out a few suggestions per fandom, but I'm open to ODAO as long as you avoid my DNWs. I would cherish anything you write for me in any of these fandoms as long as you avoid these few things. Some of them I've more ideas for things I'd particularly like to see, but please don't take that as indicating a fandom preference! It's just that for some I've more specific ideas and also, have requested more relationships so that there's more variety in the prompts anyway.

I am AO3 as SlashMyDreams.

- D/s relationship dynamics
- A/B/O verse
- Pregnancy
- Christmas / other holiday themed fic
- AUs where they’re in space/in the USA/modern AUs for these fandoms in general
- Captive Prince AU where Laurent is enslaved and sent to Akielos
- Holocaust allusions (not sure how they’d come up, but just in case!)

I find it very difficult to get into second-person narratives, and also struggle with first person in English, so I would really prefer third person as the narrative voice.

BrzydUla (TV) - Any

I really enjoyed Aleks’ plotting in the show, and I’d love to see some more of it, whether still against Ula, or even more so, if there was a threat to the company that even Aleks could not support. I’d love a reluctant, untrusting alliance between him and Ula, or between Ula and Paulina, for common interests. Between them, I liked Paulina’s semi-support of her after Marek’s manipulation comes out, that she doesn’t like her, but would never do something like that to her, and I’d like something in that vein too.

I really liked the sub-plot with Julia! I’d be interested in a further exploration of her relationships with Aleks and Paulina – the wistfulness and the guilt – and perhaps they can slowly come to feel more comfortable with each other again. Perhaps she can come back at some point post-canon? It’s such a low bar to set, with how unprofessional F&D is, but she was nice to Ula! I’d love to see them interacting again, now that Ula is the CEO.

It took me absolutely ages to warm up to Marek, but by the time Ula had taken over and he had taken to being regretful and pining, I was actually pretty it into it. I’d really love to read something set in that last period or shortly post-canon, as Ula grows to trust him again. I didn’t like the ‘Ula might go with Piotr to the US for a year!’ subplot, so please keep mentions of that to a minimum.

Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat - Damen & Theomedes (Captive Prince), Laurent & Theomedes (Captive Prince)

I would love to read about Theomedes dealing with Damen’s marriage to Laurent. Damen clearly loved his father a lot, and wonders towards the end of KG what Theomedes would have thought of Laurent, and at the Kingsmeet thinks that no matter how he might try to explain, Theomedes would not understand. I’m very interested in how this might play out! Certainly Theomedes would be horrified! Veretian voices in his halls! His son besotted! Even Makedon of the sensible views about Vere won over! (I got a fic I really enjoyed based on this concept for this past yuletide, but I’m really into the concept!) I don’t mind how they might be brought to meet – Kastor has a slightly different plan and Theomedes is trapped somewhere/in a coma? Time travel where they’re thrown back to the past and try to prevent the events of Marlas?

Historical RPF - Stanisław August Poniatowski/Catherine II of Russia, Izabela Czartoryska/Elżbieta Lubomirska, Stanisław August Poniatowski/Elżbieta Lubomirska,
Stanisław August Poniatowski/Izabela Czartoryska, Stanisław August Poniatowski/Izabela Czartoryska/Nikolai Repnin, Stanisław August Poniatowski & Nikolai Repnin, Stanisław August Poniatowski/Nikolai Repnin, Stanisław August Poniatowski & Otto Magnus von Stackelberg, Izabela Czartoryska/Nikolai Repnin, Stanisław August Poniatowski/Catherine II of Russia/Peter III of Russia, Nikolai Repnin & Otto Magnus von Stackelberg

I’d love a shot of Stanisław and Catherine’s optimistic romance in St. P. – even if you don’t go for foreshadowing later events, some outright fluff would be very enjoyable and somewhat ironic for me. Something optimistic in the period in the run up to the election or in the early reign would be great, but equally I’d love something on Stanisław beginning to doubt Catherine as his hopes of reform are hindered.

Piotr/Peter appears to have been mollified by Elizaveta Vorontsova in July 1758 after a bit of drama, so how about a threesome? I’d be interested particularly in a more positive approach to him than is usually given.

I love the political aspect of the period and would love something dealing with that just as much as something overtly shippy. For any of the relationships with the ambassadors (Repnin, Stackelberg), I’d love some hint of the drama. Certainly the papal nuncios of the complained of their posting, and while the Russian ambassadors were very powerful in the Commonwealth, they were still of course subject to Catherine’s demands in their jobs and that was probably rather stressful, not to mention the troubles of having to deal with all those troublesome nobles! So something about their complaints with dealing with their situation or their love affairs would be great – whether before Poniatowski’s relationship with Russia started going downhill or afterwards, when at times they remained on the same side. Repnin in particular was friendly with Stanisław and prone to demonstrating his position of power – telling him that if he were ever dethroned, he danced well enough to teach, or ordering performers to start their performance again after he came late – so something about the shifts in practical and titular power would be interesting.

These people got around a bit!

I’ve called Izabela/Elżbieta that for convenience – feel free to call either of them by either name; they were both baptised Elżbieta and came to be referred to as Izabela. Lubomirska tried to prevent her brother’s marriage to Czartoryska, on the grounds that she was ugly from the measles. They do not seem to have reconciled much afterwards, and Zamoyski describes Stanisław as always trying to patch up their feud. Still, they had some shared political and familial interests, and perhaps some measure of support and understanding could be reached through that; if not, there’s always hate!sex.

Stanisław had written of Elżbieta Lubomirska as being in the 1750s a sort of kindred soul to him, who had the same way of seeing things. Yet by 1760, he found that her tastes had changed and she treated him differently. I’d love a look too at these changed dynamics and the disappointment and wistfulness of finding someone one had cared for now different and strange.

For all that Izabela had some affairs, the one with Repnin is seen largely as having been begun for the sake of the nation (a la Maria Walewska and Napoleon, later), in order to gain the ambassador’s support for the planned reforms. In contrast, the affair with Stanisław seems to have been conducted on rather more normal grounds, and a comfort to her in the early part of her marriage; her husband, uncaring, would drop her off at the castle. Not only were Poniatowski and Repnin lovers of the same women, they were apparently not always their lovers at different times, so I’d be interested with a threesome with them too!

Il Gattopardo | The Leopard – Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa - Angelica Sedàra/Concetta Corbera

I’d love to read something set either earlier in the book, when the two begin to spend more time together again once Tancredi develops an interest in Angelica and we are told that she comes around more often supposedly to see Concetta – what if she were actually coming to see Concetta? Or if you want to keep the canonical romance with Tancredi, maybe she feels a little something for Concetta too?

Alternately, my favourite part of the book was the last chapter, about the relics, when they are all older and have so many years of the past behind them and so seem to have grown closer together so that five days of separation are a long time! Perhaps they’ve grown closer in a different way also. I liked also the part about Angelica acquiring an undeserved reputation of being an art expert – I enjoy very much the ‘versions’ of a character that are built up through outside POVs – what else might those very close to her know about Angelica that evades the eyes of others?



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